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Outdoor Venue Gold Coast

Lakeside Lawn

Outdoor events under a tent at Mercure Gold Coast Resort
The Deck's Golf view at Mercure Gold Coast Resort
Events on The Green
Cocktail capacity of The Green at Mercure Gold Coast Resort
Banquet capacity of The Green at Mercure Gold Coast Resort
Tipi on the Lakeside Lawn


Unlock the boundless potential of 2000 square meters of meticulously laser-leveled grass – a canvas limited only by the bounds of your imagination! The Lakeside Lawn, an expansive outdoor venue, offers a unique and versatile space that transcends the conventional, allowing you to sculpt a truly extraordinary event. This hidden gem, enveloped in lush greenery, is not just a venue; it's a platform for creativity and innovation.

Envision your delegates immersed in team-building activities that foster collaboration and unleash their creative prowess, all set against the backdrop of natural beauty.

Whether you're planning corporate team-building exercises, product launches, or any event that demands an unconventional touch, this outdoor haven provides the perfect backdrop.

To explore the myriad possibilities and bring your vision to life on The Lakeside Lawn, contact our dedicated sales team today.

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  • Wireless enabled internet


Area(m2) 2000
Cocktail 900
Banquet 600



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