January 17, 2019

Day trip to explore the Gold Coast Hinterland

This has to be a new favourite nature walk for the Gold Coast Hinterland, the highlight of this journey is walking behind two waterfalls – prepare for drizzle and sometimes a bit more if heavy rainfall has recently occurred. A family-friendly adventure suitable for most ages and fitness levels. You can swim in the rock pools beneath Twin Falls and pose for the perfect photo opportunity behind Blackfellow Falls. You can either head straight to Twin Falls and back from Tallanbana Picnic Area or take a trip around the whole circuit approximately 2-3 hours walking time.

Driving: If you have access to a car pop Tallanbana Picnic Area into google maps and head out to Springbrook National Park, it will be approximately 50-minute car trip from the Resort.
Transfers: Transfers are available through local tour guides, or book a taxi / Uber trip.
Public Transport: Not available.

If you are exploring with children there are lots to see and do, jumping in rock pools, wandering between rock formations and seeing our natural wildlife, just make sure they are closely supervised at all times.
Feeling adventurous? Extend your walk to a hike through Warrie Circuit – an extra 17km – for more panoramic views and waterfalls. If you do take this option make sure you set off early and come prepared (see our tips below).

• Wear comfortable enclosed shoes, there are a couple of exposed roots and rocky surfaces.
• Bring plenty of water with some light snacks or a picnic
• Wear sunscreen and/or a hat, even though most of the walk is shaded by the canopy above.
• Bring your swimmers if you’re visiting on a warm day – the water is very fresh even in summer.