August 10, 2018


Putting together a Gold Coast conference can be a lot of work, especially if you want to give your attendees an experience to remember. But what can you do to keep them engaged? This should be a key part of your corporate event planning.

The key is give them an experience - implementing a ‘think outside the content’ strategy as part of your corporate event planning. There are different ways you can do this and at Mercure Gold Coast Resort you’re spoilt for choice:

Ditch the four walls with a door
When someone is in a dark room long enough their natural instinct is to go to sleep. Pick a space, like our Club Room, that boasts plenty of natural night with the option to block out during presentations. Give them a gorgeous view to look at during their breaks, something to talk about! You want to create an engaging and welcoming environment, so make sure it is accessible and well lit. And when all else fails, take them outdoors! Fresh air does the world of good, remember this is not just another meeting.

Create a feast for the senses
Create food for thought when you bring people together, generate brain power and create positive foundations for the rest of the day. We’ll make the food Instagram worthy with our nutritious and delicious MINDFUL MEETINGS menus. With themed market stalls, healthy snacks, an ice cream cart in the foyer or maybe our Game of Thrones inspired feasting platter. The reason it’s so tasty? We source our food from local suppliers including our own home-grown herb garden!

Deliver an experience
We know it’s twice as hard to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones and keeping delegates is exactly the same. Deliver them a meaningful experience during your next event rather than just another conference. Keep it active with a boot camp down on The Green, or a relaxing yoga flow in between sessions. If you have a philanthropic group the gift of giving comes naturally. Why not invest in a Be Challenged workshop for them to create a robotic hand that is donated to a 3rd world country! These are not your only options and we’ll always help you find the right activity.

Make them interact not yawn
Remember we are only human, with an average attention span of seven to ten minutes, so what better idea than incorporating technology! Allow delegates to take part in real-time surveys, *ding* through a question for the speaker, share content with their colleagues or receive live feedback. We’re in touch with some fabulous online platforms that are free, easy to use and most of all engaging.


We’re here to help you create a memorable and engaging conference! Conferences, meetings and events are a fantasitc lever for any business to spread awareness, inspire, facilitate networking opportunities within and outside of the event.

We’d love to excite, engage and inspire your staff with our Gold Coast conference and meetings services, including your accommodation.
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